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Recruiting tip 1, applicant tracking system:

Key questions between applicant and recruiter from our recruiter's handbook

Note: Applicant tracking recruiting software embedded in the recruiter's handbook.

Recruiting software by Gopher presents a recruiting handbook which is a compilation of notes and essays written by successful professional recruiters using gophers applicant tracking recruiting software. No consultant, trainer or professional speaker contributed to this handbook. Its purpose was to lay the foundation for a powerful recruiting system that embodied its concepts and techniques. No gimmicks, useless features, cluttered screens, scattered, fragmented and difficult to retrieve data entered into the construction of Gopher's applicant tracking recruiting software.  Applicant tracking recruiting software by Gopher puts tremendous recruiting power into the hands of the �industrial strength� recruiter.

Recruiter: I need to know where you have interviewed or where your resume has been sent in the last six months. (This answer should be recorded in the recruiters applicant tracking recruiting software.)

Applicant: Why?

Recruiter: So that we don't waste your time or mine discussing positions that have already been covered. Each position you may be a fit for is carefully reviewed via our computer. We will often spend time with other recruiters at Web Search who have more detailed information about a position. We may even call a client to get more information on a potential position. This work adds up to many man-hours, even if only a few days have passed. If all this work ends up with 'I've already been there' after the fact, it's only human nature to invest less than the 100% effort you deserve! Also knowing where you have been and what the results were gives me an insight that no amount of conversation between you and I could ever provide!

Some agencies have my resume and they do not tell me where they have sent it.

Note: With some applicant tracking recruiting software it is difficult to provide an answer to this question quickly. Any applicant tracking system to be effective must be able to provide this information in an instant.

Recruiter: You cannot let them do this! This is an unprofessional way to represent a professional like yourself. You have to tell these agencies they must tell you or you will send a letter to them and other agents forbidding them from representing you in any manner! If a recruiter is reputable, they will want to work like us. Calling clients and sending resumes without discussing it with you first, makes them and you look bad; and remember, a potential employer evaluation of you includes what he/she thinks of your recruiter. So you must make sure your agent is reputable. If they are not, you may be locking yourself out of many good opportunities with top notch employers.

Make a decision if this applicant is good enough to work with or a fit for one of the existing job orders. With Gopher's applicant tracking system finding job orders is fast and very complete. Also you must decide if you need to have a face to face interview with this applicant.

You must control the interview (note: your applicant tracking recruiting software can't help you here). The candidate can't take charge. You ask the questions. Answer a question and then ask your question. This is half of the placement; you are closing the candidate on the offer now. Spend no more than half an hour. You should try to complete it in 20 minutes. Touch on interests, but don't socialize. Senior recruiters, beware of over indulgence in 'market gossip.' Take a job order from your applicant tracking recruiting software in with you or make one up; ask candidate to qualify themselves.




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